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  • John Cranman October 19, 2017  

    Thanks Chris. Where do you attend these workshops in person? Is it usually more expensive that way, and would you recommend in person over on-demand?

    • Christopher Francis October 19, 2017  

      Hey John, in the past when they are creating a new course, the facilitator usually does a tour across America stopping at a bunch of major cities and then at some point on the tour they do a multi-cam recording of the day, edit it, and then create the online version out of that. When they go on tour they usually offer a ticket option that also comes with the digital download. All of the workshops I have attended have come through San Diego where I live. Your best bet is probably to join their email newsletter as that’s where they’ll announce a new tour when it happens.

      However, the production of their workshop videos are top notch so I wouldn’t hesitate to order any of them or actually it looks like you can do a membership and watch all of them. In the past I’ve paid $200-$300 per workshop to attend, so $299 to watch all of them seems like a good deal to me.

      • John Cranman October 19, 2017  

        Thanks, Chris!

        • John Cranman October 19, 2017  

          Random question, who is your favorite director?

          • Christopher Francis October 19, 2017  

            I don’t think I have one, but if I heard one of the following directors had a new movie out, I’d probably go see it without even knowing what it’s about:

            Christopher Nolan
            Alejandro Inarritu
            Denis Villeneuve
            Ryan Coogler
            Paul Thomas Anderson

  • Miranda Morey October 22, 2017  

    Thank you so much Chris! This course was such a blessing and I’m going to start implementing these lessons into my next video projects.

    • Christopher Francis October 22, 2017  

      You’re welcome Miranda! Glad to hear that this course was helpful to you. Thanks for your support!