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  • Nathaniel Brown September 25, 2017  

    Good Stuff!… I’m excited about this!

    • Christopher Francis September 25, 2017  

      Thanks Nathaniel, I’m excited that you’re here!

  • james cheek September 26, 2017  

    Such an important truth. We often let the ‘tyranny of urgency'(deadlines, schedules, meetings) keep us from doing the most important thing we could do all day, and that’s spending time with God and allowing ourselves to be Spirit-centered before we do anything.

  • Gary DeSantis September 26, 2017  

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks Chris for the Prequel video, and question!

    To stay in tune with God during production is difficult, if I am honest about it. Your mind is everywhere. One way that reconnects me though, is hearing what God is doing from those we are interviewing. We have only done a few testimonial stories at this point, but each one has reconnected me to what it’s all about, especially when I hear about life change.

    • Christopher Francis September 26, 2017  

      I love this! It’s one of the best “benefits” that comes with the job.

  • Elle White September 26, 2017  

    Absolutely. Jesus couldn’t have said it more simply, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” John 15:5 The last few years have been so different than my first few, all because of the pursuit of God’s presence. Not His gifts, just Him. I find that praying, all of us inviting the Spirit to lead, multiple times is game-changing. Not just for the smoothness of a shoot, but for just sheer enjoyment of Him and what He is doing among us! On shoots it’s tempting to skip or skimp on prayer because of time constraints, but I’m more convinced than ever that we have to seek Him throughout the whole project. I’ve never gotten to the end of a project and thought, ‘We shouldn’t have prayed.” Do I do this perfectly? Heck, no! But He does His part perfectly and is teaching me. He’s so kind!

    • Joshua Jamison September 11, 2018  

      Well said! I love the idea of the video dept being a ministry team! I’m going to look and create opportunities to bless and love while getting the shot.

  • Miranda Morey September 30, 2017  

    Hi Everyone ! What a great question, And to be honest I do struggle making time for God during my busy crazy life but I am working on it, and I know its funny but most of my alone time with God is in my car, I drive around a lot either between work, church, picking my son up from school, but its one of the few times I get one on one time with no distractions . But I will say ever since I received my calling from the lord which was me becoming my churches head lead of video production ( which is complete opposite of my career) it has been amazing ever since, as I make each video either big or small I feel him every time giving me ideas and pushing me to go bigger and farther with each one. I am so excited to take this class and get to know everyone here. Lord bless!