After using the Fotodiox FACTOR Prizmo RGB-W LED lights for the past few months, here’s my in-depth review.


Fotodiox has been around for a while now, but until recently I had no idea that they were making lights – I only knew them as the company that was making lens adapters.

I’ve been on many shoots over the past couple of years with Arri Skypanels and Litepanels Geminis, so I was intrigued when Fotodiox shipped us some boxes containing two Pro FACTOR Prizmo 300 RGB+W 1×2 LED Lights and one Pro Factor Prizmo 150 RGB+W LED Light (long names I know….).

The kind folks at Fotodiox loaned us these lights for a couple of months to test out in our new studio and to take out in the field on some of our projects and in the video above I go over what I liked about them, what I didn’t like about them, and whether I think they’d be a good fit for church filmmaking.

*I also want to note that this is not a sponsored post – Fotodiox didn’t pay me for this review, they simply loaned me the lights to use and test out and the links below are not affiliate links, so Church Film School gets zero monies from this post – I’m just offering my honest review of the lights in hopes that it helps you make more informed decisions when building out your lighting kit.

Here’s the lights that were mentioned in the review video:

Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Prizmo 300 RGB+W LED Light – 1×2

Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Prizmo 150 RGB+W LED Light – 1×1

Arri Skypanel S60-C

Litepanels Gemini 2×1 Bi-Color LED Soft Panel

FalconEyes RX-24TDX 150W Roll-Flex LED Light

If you have any questions about the lights feel free to leave them in the comments below!