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  • Nic McElveen October 25, 2017  

    Chris, this is a fantastic resource. Absolutely love your transparency. If I’m being honest, this was the most helpful thing I have seen when it comes to video production. You brought up things that I have never thought about when shooting – sun seeker app, negative fill, etc. You were so engaging, I felt like I was there with you during the shoot. Thank you for this! One question, if there was only one lens that you could purchase for videos, which lens would you buy?

    • Christopher Francis October 25, 2017  

      Thanks Nic!

      I shoot with Canon cameras, so if I could only have one lens it would be the Canon 17-55 EFS 2.8 IS. That has been my main documentary lens for the last 6-7 years. It’s very versatile and at 2.8 it’s still fast enough to use for interviews and get a nice, shallow depth of field. These days I mostly use prime lenses for interviews, but the 17-55 gets used on almost every video I ever make. For me when doing hand held work, having a lens with IS is a must.

  • John Cranman October 26, 2017  

    Great Chris, glad you put this together. This is really what this is about as “hands-on” is the best teacher, and this is about as close as you can get for an online course.

    I have some questions about the final video, as I’m curious about how you do things in comparison to to how I do it.

    1. Did you stage any of the b-roll of him walking into church, and interacting with the other men in the lobby?

    2. Did you actually travel to an airport to get that airport footage for the project?

    3. Did you come back on a different day for the b-roll footage of Jason and his wife at home?

    4. The footage of Shulz testing out the negative fill, was that color graded?

    5. Did you color grade the entire project?

    Thanks man!

    • Christopher Francis October 27, 2017  

      1. Nothing was staged, but a few things were shaped during that shoot. For example I met up with him at the church and then told him I wanted to film him get out of his car and walk into the church and that he could just ignore me during the process. So then he got back in his car and back out and grabbed his bag and went into the church. From that point on everything else just happened and I captured it. The only other thing I shaped that evening was he told me that that particular evening was going to be different – they were actually going to spend their small group time being a call center – calling men to invite them to their retreat, and would not have their normal devotion time, so I just asked if he could open that time up in prayer and kind of just talk to the guys for a few minutes before they started making calls so I could get coverage of what a normal devotion time would look like.

      2. I had that footage from several years back when I got my first DSLR and captured a bunch of b-roll one year when I was flying back home from Christmas. I’m glad I did cause without it I would have likely had to cut that story out of the edit because I had so many cuts to hide to get that story down to a shorter length.

      3. Yes, all B-Roll was shot on a separate date. If I remember right I met him at his house for about 45 minutes and then followed him to his Men’s group meeting to get the rest of the B-Roll, so all B-Roll was filmed in one evening.

      4. I’m not sure. It doesn’t look like it to me, but my editor may have added a slight grade to it.

      5. I color graded the finished film. I’m not sure if Rico (my friend who made this BTS film) color graded the BTS film if that’s what you mean. Rico, can you chime in here with some tech answers?

      • John Cranman October 27, 2017  

        Awesome, thanks!

      • Rico Molden November 29, 2017  

        Hi @disqus_bl9T4zW84F:disqus @cafranci:disqus ,
        Yes I did some slight color grading on the footage of Shulz testing the negative fill. @ approx 7:46 I increased blues in the midtones by 15% to fit with the look the BTS had. And @ 28:34 with the interviewee: Exposure highlights +32%, shadows -5%, Color: Midtone blues +10% to fit the BTS look. (did this to since Chris was talking mainly about composition. Can compare to final grade, done by others) @ 35:26 which had warmer tones.